Why The Kenyan Ban on Secondhand Clothing Failed

Although the intentions were good, the ban wouldn’t have solved the problem, only created a new one.

Tailors In Kenya Might Be Making a Comeback, But How Can We Make Them The Mainstay?

According to the Business Daily article Tailors stitch a come back in Kenya tailor popularity is making a return. Below is a summary of the article Summary Many shoppers shifted their attention to small business malls popularly known as ‘‘exhibition’’ which stocked huge consignments of cheap imported clothes from China and a host of otherContinue reading “Tailors In Kenya Might Be Making a Comeback, But How Can We Make Them The Mainstay?”

Is it Kwaheri for Mitumba in East Africa?

Is this the boon the fabric industry has been waiting for? Should Kitenge tailors, designers and creatives rejoice? The second hand clothing business is a major employer in the informal sector of East Africa. Over 62% of middle and lower income urban Kenyans buy mitumba, this is according to an Ipsos survey conducted in 2013.Continue reading “Is it Kwaheri for Mitumba in East Africa?”

How a Fundi Saved My Wedding

In July of 2017 I had my Kenyan traditional wedding. I planned it with help from a wedding planner, which made things a little easier. However, this is blog not about that. This is about the unsung heroes that are the neighborhood tailors, locally known as fundis! To catch you up, we had gotten allContinue reading “How a Fundi Saved My Wedding”

Wedding Under the Kenyan Sky

The Concept We’d always wanted a small and intimate ceremony, a modern affair with a hint of tradition. As big proponents of local business, we sought to utilize as much locally sourced goods and services as we possibly could. I wanted to use local designers, tailors, vendors and even local menu options – therefore thereContinue reading “Wedding Under the Kenyan Sky”