How To Price Products For Your Tailoring Business

Tips For African Fashion Entrepreneurs Know your market Look around and see what people are paying for similar goods and what your competitors are charging. This is a risky method since you are not considering your costs when applying this. Work out your cost. At the very least you want your earnings to be moreContinue reading “How To Price Products For Your Tailoring Business”

Sustainable Fashion is the Future, Are We Ready?

This decade has seen the steady rise of fast fashion. Thanks to the internet and more efficient modes of transportation, it is much easier to order and deliver things across the globe. This demand for convenience and the ready availability of trendy clothes for cheap has had some negative impacts on the environment. Simply put,Continue reading “Sustainable Fashion is the Future, Are We Ready?”

Hemp In Kenya: Isn’t It About Time We Ditched Cotton?

A fast growing, hardy, herbaceous plant, hemp is known as the miracle plant. Not to be confused with its psychoactive cousin the cannabis plant, the hemp plant has many uses ranging from industrial to medicinal. This blog will be concentrating on the industrial significance of hemp, specifically in the textile industry. For many years, theContinue reading “Hemp In Kenya: Isn’t It About Time We Ditched Cotton?”